Social innovation with passion and professionalism

Dr. Jan Schröder

Complex social challenges are typical of modern societies. Social alliances are best placed to meet these challenges by ensuring that people work together in an outcome-oriented manner. Delegating these issues to those responsible at public authorities or elsewhere rarely produces similarly positive and efficient outcomes due to their limited ability to exert influence and shape solutions.

Outcome-oriented alliances and networks promote both the welfare of the community and individual interests through dedication to their causes and the pleasure of helping to shape outcomes – providing both economic and non-material benefits for those involved. Whether enabling independent living in old age, moving towards a family-friendly society or realising the process of lifelong learning, they offer ways to overcome the barriers between economic and social interests, and develop and adopt common approaches.

Such catalysts for change are urgently required in a country characterised by high levels of specialisation and institutional inertia. Rapid technological progress should be accompanied by equally dynamic social progress which no longer sees the interests of the community and those of the individual as conflicting, but (again) considers them to be mutually enriching factors.

This is the principle to which we at Jan Schröder Consulting are committed – not just as consultants, but as active members of a strong and forward-looking society with new, precisely tailored forms of governance at all levels of activity. Working with others, working with you, we are proud to contribute towards social innovation with professionalism, passion and pleasure in what we do.