Reconciling social welfare and economic interests

“We are capitalism’s repair service!” declares one faction – “Social welfare is costing us our economic power” cry the others. The discussion rapidly becomes polarised, leaving sectors that could learn much from one another and create even more together unable to find the right way. The difference in culture, language, patterns of thought and action between the two worlds seems too great.

As commercial entrepreneurs providing consultancy services in areas such as youth welfare and drug rehabilitation, senior citizen and family policy, and many others, we are accustomed to operating and communicating in both worlds. We know what it’s like to be eyed as intruders but then overcome differences by working together. Combining socio-political management and economic controlling – harnessing competition to serve the interests of social policy – forging cooperative models between social and economic stakeholders – all this has become a reality in many places, and the innovative power of these projects has drawn enquiries from the other side of the planet.

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