Keeping focus on the social sphere compatible with competition law

When the localised professional principle of focus on the social sphere collides with the large-scale design principles of European competition law, problems are inevitable, as evidenced for example by the indiscriminate transfer of the solid professional principle of focusing on the social sphere in youth work to a monopoly-promoting funding model based on regional budgets.

Ways of implementing professional principles in a manner that remains compatible with competition law while also encouraging the participation of young people were developed in close collaboration with stakeholders from various communal youth welfare offices and non-governmental organisations. Case law has meanwhile clearly shown that this is the right path to take.

Neue Finanzierungssysteme für die Jugendhilfe?! – Ideen, Wege, Erfahrungen, Zukunftsmodelle, in: Perspektiven der Jugendhilfe in Berlin, Dokumentation des 1 Fachpolitischen Diskurses am 30./31. Januar 2002